Our Team

Our pharmacy has a strong reputation for taking great care of our patients. Our mission has always been "Providing our patients with the best service, with the friendliest staff and for a fair price". It is our desire to dazzle you with our expert service!

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Dan Fucarino, BPharm, Owner

Dan has a degree from Florida State University, where he was a scholarship football player. He then graduated from Mercer College of Pharmacy. He has attended more seminars in the last 30 years regarding Bio-Identical hormones than all the classes he had at Mercer. He has been the owner of the pharmacy since 1986. He has a keen interest in helping his patients find the perfect balance of hormones. He spends most of the day consulting with patients and doctors regarding saliva test results and suggesting therapeutic changes to find the best combination of hormones for each patient. He is also very knowledgeable about the nutrition needed to make all medications work more safely and efficiently. He is proud to have many physicians consult with him regarding best options for improved patient outcomes.


Laura Fucarino, Owner

Laura Fucarino is the co-owner and bookkeeper for the pharmacy. She has a BS in nursing from Florida State University. She handles accounts payable and payroll. She and Dan have two sons together, Matt and Andrew. She loves spending time with her grandchildren.


Michelle Alfonso, Pharm. D., Pharmacist

Michelle has been working for Carrollwood Pharmacy since in 1998. She received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Florida. She is responsible for managing the pharmacy. Michelle is the quality control and policies and procedures expert at our pharmacy. She is responsible for keeping us Board Certified through  PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board). She is certified in Sterile Compounding. She is married and has three children. She is Dan's second cousin.


Christi Griffith, Pharm. D., Pharmacist

Christi began working for us in 1988 as a technician. She has since completed her doctorate of Pharmacy degree from Mercer College of Pharmacy. Christi has vast experience as a consultant for both compounding and nursing home pharmacy. She is also certified in sterile compounding. 


Andrew Fucarino, Marketing

Andrew is our director of marketing. He handles social media and all matters regarding reaching out to the community and doctors to spread the word about our pharmacy. Dan call Andrew his right hand man since he helps with many aspects of running the pharmacy. Andrew is our logistics man and also handles IT work and mechanical issues. Andrew is married.